“But, officer, I inadvertently took the picture down her blouse!”

Last night, I was about to doze off to the lovely droning sounds of KDKA 11 o’clock news (“First at 10:59!”) when Patrice King Brown’s gravity-laced voice intruded on my imminent sleep.

“Are you inadvertently breaking the law with your cell phone camera? We’ll let you know right after this.” The video shots showed people in the city taking pictures of their friends, buildings, etc.

I sat up and said to myself, “Am I inadvertently breaking the law with my awesome cell phone camera that I use to take pictures of dive-bombing pigeons to prove that I’m not insane?! Or when I snap a picture of the totally and grotesquely gaudy Kaufmann’s Christmas window displays complete with pod-people mannequins?! Wake up, PittGirl! Stay tuned.”

So I sat around through what seemed like 14 minutes of commercials to find out that (gasp!) Governor Rendell signed a law yesterday that says that taking down-blouse shots and up-skirt shots with your cell phone camera is now against the law!

A question popped into my head as I clicked the TV off and hurled obscenities and the remote at KDKA for making me stick around for that.

Does that mean that the day before yesterday, some guy could have LEGALLY stuck his cell phone camera under my skirt and took a picture?


  1. Grey Hodge
    November 18, 2005 1:08 am

    Actually, yes. It WAS legal. Virginia recently had a problem with this type of activity and law. It was perfectly legal, inadvertent or not, as demonstrated by the voluminous amount of “upskirt” sites around the net. It’s crude, tacky, abhorrent, and down right violating, but legal in many states still. Never heard the old stories of creeps with mirrors on their shoes?

    Incidentally, with the “length” of so many skirts these days, and the incredibly small amount of fabric so many blouses are made of these days, I have a hard time seeing the need for those types of sites anyway. Of course, I also have a hard time figuring out how girls sit in those skirts too. I mean, when your skirt’s total waist-to-hem length in inches can be counted on ONE HAND, how does one sit in those? They’re more like large belts than skirts…

  2. pittgirl
    November 18, 2005 9:27 am

    In that case, rock on Gov. Rendell!