PittGirl’s Daily Tommy Encouragement

Tommy hasn’t responded well to booing and flaming bags of poo, so my new strategy is encouraging the hell out of him. Maybe it’ll work. It’s worth a shot. A little over 48 hours to go and PittGirl is Tommy Maddox’s new number one fan.

Go Tommy! Go Tommy! Go go go Tommy!

Give me a T, give me an O, but not that T.O.

Give me an M, give me an M, but not M&Ms

Give me a Y, but NOT “Why God, why must Ben be hurt?”

What’s that spell? NOT “we’re screwed”!!!

Gooooooo Tommy!

Tommy Maddox RULES ya’ll! Spread the word.

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous
    November 27, 2005 9:57 pm

    Dear Ben,

    Please come back. All is forgiven.


    A Fan