PittGirl’s new favorite front page headline

PittGirl’s new favorite Post-Gazette front page headline:

That’s right. Front page.

Also, as a public service announcement:

Rip. The. Scrotum.

Boys, consider yourself warned. And wear a cup.


  1. Anonymous
    November 22, 2005 2:31 pm

    Must be a slow news day in PA

    Chef Mike

  2. pittgirl
    November 22, 2005 3:00 pm

    Oh, I don’t know. I think the fact that a llama can rip the scrota off of males is pretty big news. Pretty big AWESOME news.

  3. Jo Janoski
    November 22, 2005 3:24 pm

    I knew as soon as I spied this in the paper, PittGirl was sure to do a story on this one! Sure ’nuff, here it is… Now I know why I love this blog!
    P.S. And why I don’t think much of llama’s!

  4. pittgirl
    November 22, 2005 3:38 pm

    Tsk. Am I getting predictable? That won’t do.