Another peek into PittGirl’s mailbag

Burghers? Hang on to your Stillers tossel caps.

Are you in possession of, or know someone in possession of both of the following: 1. An uncool parent and 2. the need for tuition money?

Direct from Bunim/Murray of MTV Real World fame comes an email from a casting coordinator I’ll call Bob who re-found my blog by Googling “The Burgh Blog” (my comments are highlighted):

This is Bob from Bunim/Murray Productions.

First, I’d like to thank you for making our “Real World” open casting call, last September, a great success. The mention in your blog really helped us attract many possible roommates for next season’s show (really?).

Now that we’ve concluded that search, we’ve moved on to a new MTV show – starring JACK ASS star Steve-O – called “Camp Steve-O.” Since you were so eager (really?) to help us with our casting efforts the last time I was wondering if you might be interested doing so again with this show.

In a nut shell – “Camp Steve-O” will feature sixteen parents who sorely need to reconnect with their inner child – and their own estranged children. Our Casting Directors are combing the country looking for parents who are out of touch with their kids, and kids who can’t wait for Steve-O to intervene and make their folks cooler. No couples can attend camp together, so kids should single out their most grouchy, uptight, uncool parent. Mom or Dad will be dropped off at the sleep-over camp in Los Angeles by their frustrated children, and they will participate in a multitude of activities which will force them to loosen up and reconnect with the world.

The child will meet with Steve-O and describe their parent, why they are so uncool, and what Steve-O needs to change about them. If they can make it through the camp and graduate, they will receive a check for $10,000 to apply toward their child’s college education. Additionally, Steve-O will present the one camper who has made the most progress with a check for $25,000 to also be used in the same manner. In short, we need your readers to let us know of any uncool Mom or Dad that they know of who’ve GOT to change their ways. All they have to do is call 1-800-481-5952 or e-mail and one of our Casting Director will contact that possible cast member to set up an interview ASAP!!

FYI – I can also arrange for you to do a telephone interview with one of our casting directors or Steve-O himself to help promote our casting efforts. If you have any questions or wish to arrange an interview please feel free to contact me at your leisure.

Thanks, in advance, for your help. I look forward to our speaking again soon.

Yours truly

Bob then gave me his direct email and phone number. So, I responded with some questions I would like Steve-O to answer (highly doubtful he will).

Now, I don’t know the demographics of my readership; however, if any of you fit the bill keeping in mind that MTV really likes their “cast members” to be hot with a penchant for the drink, go for it. Put the Burgh on the reality map once again.

Tell them PittGirl sent you.

Image totally stolen from Steve-O’s website.

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  1. Josephine
    November 28, 2005 5:17 pm

    Since you were so eager (really?) to help us with our casting efforts the last time I was wondering if you might be interested doing so again with this show.