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THIS is news?

Finally got three minutes away from the neverending PittGirl Family Christmas of Food, Fun, and Friends to check out the local headlines when I saw this:

This is news, PittGirl? I asked myself.

Surely, when I click on this here link, I’m going to hear about how TODAY, Lynndie England burned 99 percent of her body in 9th degree burns in an accident that called for six different fire companies and religious experts determining that the this fire was so firey that the very fires of hell had touched Lynndie England. THAT would be news, after all.

So I clicked.

Good Lord.

She got splattered THREE WEEKS AGO, was told to put ice on it and was sent back “home” to prison.

And Burghers? She had to ASK for burn ointment. Oh, the shame.

Again. This is news?

What they’re really thinking: late edition

I know it is late in the week for the “What the Steelers are really thinking” entry.

Good food, family, and fun are just sucking up my time.

Regardless, you know this Cleveland fan lived out a lot of guys’ dream … playing with the Steelers.

And you just know Harrison had a blast playing the hero.


In honor of the holidays (!), posting will be light.

PittGirl firmly believes that you should use your fifteen minutes wisely.

How sad for this Burgher that he chose to use one of them basically looking like he’s making a less than savory sound.

Yes, I’m 12. But come on. It totally looks like that’s what he’s doing. Or, he’s trying to properly pronounce “Bubp.”

Photo: Sapp/PG

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas, or Festivus, or Chrismukkah, or whatever it is you choose to celebrate this time of year.

As for me, I will be celebrating the “Noworkfor11days-mas” Holiday. It’s a great good time.

As for you and yours … be safe.

I’ll be seeing you.

Have you met “Election Year Rick”?

Remember “Flip-Flop Kerry”?

Have you met “Election Year Rick“?

That would be the name coined by Casey for Sen. Santorum.

Apparently “Election Year Rick” is distancing himself from an organization, The Thomas More Law Center, that he previously supported in their efforts to advance the teaching of Intelligent Design.

Continuing on. Santorum claims that he has become troubled to learn that some members of that organization voted for ID because of their religious beliefs and he is shocked … shocked! I tell you.

Riiiiiiight. I can’t think of any other motivating factor that will affect a person’s view on teaching intelligent design OTHER than their religious beliefs. Not science, not numbers, nothing. You will look at the data through your religious (or non-religious) filter.

So Santorum’s reasoning is quite hilarious.

I remember in biology as we were getting ready to start the evolution lessons, my teacher said, “There are two theories, creationism (which we spent about 20 minutes on), and the other is evolution, which is scientific in nature and that is why we are going to study it.” Bang. Didn’t affect my beliefs or lack thereof. I learned it. Got an A. Don’t remember a stitch of it.

However, my point is this. Rick is totally naive if he thinks anyone is going to believe he didn’t think people would take religious belief into account when deciding on ID.

And once again, a disclaimer that if you think this post has in any way clued you in to my political or religious beliefs, you would be wrong.