More fun deer news.

Hmmm. This article caught my eye for one reason and then cracked my shit up for another reason entirely.

Mr. Konieczka, 52, said he has been painting his animals during hunting seasons for eight years, using a paint he said does no damage and brushes out.

Joseph A. Kosack, a wildlife education specialist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, said he didn’t consider it necessary to paint the livestock, but he didn’t fault Konieczka for doing so.

First, it caught my eye because the farmer spray paints his animals and it looks pretty ridiculous:

But oh, it is the very next line that just rocked.

“I can’t believe a hunter can’t distinguish between a deer and a dog or horse,” Mr. Kosack said.

These days, it seems people can’t seem to tell the difference between a deer and a human being, so yeah, I can see why this farmer isn’t expecting them to distinguish a deer from a horse or dog.

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