PittGirl sucks at the spam game

I attempted today to respond to an email from Woy in my Hotmail account. I’d tell you what we were discussing, but it is all very very top secret. Really.

I clicked “send” when a box popped up informing me that Hotmail wanted to confirm that I was in fact a hot human and not some cold computer, so to please be so kind as to type the letters you see here:

Whoa! This little game gets harder every time. I didn’t even get it right! I guess maybe that last letter is really a “v” and not a “y” as I thought?

Kind of sad that even the HUMANS can’t get past the spam game. Hey? When is this game going to be available on X-Box 360?!

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  1. Rob
    December 13, 2005 11:28 am

    The obvious conclusion is that you’re not a human.

    Don’t feel bad, I’ve failed these Turing tests, too!