And we’re back…

John Shumway of KDKA had the audacity to bring up “that which we don’t speak of” at the Cowher press conference yesterday.

Big mistake my friend. Big. Mistake. The Chin let him have it:

Shumway wanted to know if Roethlisberger’s sore thumb also factored into Cowher’s decision to run.

“No,” Cowher said.

Before Shumway could complete a second question about the injury, Cowher jumped in.

“John, you gotta let that go, man,” Cowher said, pleading with Shumway, who’s made it a weekly rite to ask several follow-up questions on Roethlisberger, the team’s marquee player. “You gotta let it go, honestly, at some point. I answered that. I’m not going to answer anymore about that. Really. Let it go.

“I mean, come on. Talk to him, I’m not going to talk about it. So don’t ask me questions, you can talk to him. Let it go, John. Let it go.”

Shumway continued to press, saying, “When your quarterback says he can’t throw past 40 yards doesn’t that effect the game planning?”

A frustrated Cowher responded in brief.

“I answered you,” he said.

Let it go, indeed.

Let’s just file “The Thumb” with other things that we’ll never know … like why a guy on the bus started singing Randy Travis’ “I’m gonna love you forever and ever” to me last week. Some things, we just don’t need to know.

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