Do not release.

You know what should never ever happen?

The words “inadvertently”, “sex offender”, and “released from jail” all appearing in one sentence.

A 73-year-old convicted sex offender who was inadvertently released from Beaver County Jail Monday was returned to custody yesterday, officials at the jail said.

“Upon being returned to the jail. . . there was a misreading or a misunderstanding of the wording of the order that accompanied him upon his being found guilty of those two charges,” Lt. Walter Acheson of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department told KDKA-TV

Can we just clear this up so there isn’t a “misreading” again in the future?

Can PittGirl suggest that from now on, sex offenders should just have a big fat “Do not release” tattooed on their foreheads. Either that or “I’m a sex offender. Please beat the shit out of me.” That would be effective too I think.


  1. Amos_thePokerCat
    December 14, 2005 3:35 pm

    This was a idea in Neal Stephenson’s dystopian cyberpunk novel Snow Crash. Here‘s a quote-let.

    “These days, most states are franchulates or Burbclaves, much too small to have anything like a jail, or even a judicial system. So when someone does something bad, they try to find quick and dirty punishments, like flogging, confiscation of property, public humiliation, or, in the case of people who have a high potential of going on to hurt others, a warning tattoo on a prominent body part. POOR IMPULSE CONTROL. Apparently, this guy went to such a place and lost his temper real bad.”

    It also made the Half Bakery radar.