Welcome to the Brrrrrgh!

Readers? It is damn cold in the Brrrrgh.

How cold is it?

1. A woman I do not know came up to me at the bus stop this morning and said quite seriously, “I think my nose has frozen shut.” True story.
2. A pigeon, that I’m pretty sure was wearing a scarf and ear muffs, came up to me this morning on Seventh, looked at me with eye-pecking in his heart and then walked away without bothering PittGirl. I can only assume his wings had frozen shut so he couldn’t get the lift he needed to reach my head.
3. I saw a kid make a face at his mom this morning, and it totally froze that way.
4. I saw a dude this morning wearing a SKI MASK! When is the last time you saw a guy wearing a full ski mask downtown and that guy was NOT holding a weapon and a bag of cash?
5. People have begun smuggling in building-disallowed space heaters for under their desks.
6. I couldn’t make it the extra block to Starbucks this morning. You know it is damn cold when PittGirl forgoes a morning pumpkin spice latte in favor of warmth. So here I sit sucking down crappy office coffee and looking down on some rivers that have begun to ice up.

And oh yeah. Winter starts tomorrow. Brr.

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