Why PittGirl loves police blotters

PittGirl regularly reads the police blotters. Here’s why:

1. People steal stupid stuff:

Terry Paul Fairbanks, 44, of 4435 Sardis Road, Murrysville, charged by Trafford police with two counts of burglary and two counts of criminal trespass. Police allege Fairbanks took jewelry from one residence and copper refrigeration tubing and wire from another. Preliminary hearing Dec. 13 before Kistler.

2. Criminals are very skilled:

Franklin Ray Minnick, 41, of P.O. Box 33, RR 15, Oakford Park Drive, Hempfield, charged by state police/auto theft task force with two counts each of owning, operating or conducting a chop shop, altered or illegally obtained property and receiving stolen property. Police allege Minnick was involved in altering, destroying, storing, disassembling, dismantling, reassembling or possessing a 2000 Yamaha white and red Quadrunner and changed it to a 2002 Honda red and black Quadrunner. Charges filed with DiClaudio.

That’s impressive.

3. People do stupid stuff:

Paul Lincoln Hudson, 67, of 2784 Winder Highway, Jefferson, Ga., charged by Greensburg police with false alarms to agencies or public safety after police said he pulled fire alarm box along South Main Street. Charges with Albert.

Why would a 67 year old man from Georgia start pulling fire alarms on Main Street in Greensburg? No sense at all.

4. REALLY stupid stuff:

Robin Jean Hart, 26, of Pfeifer Road, Harmony, was held for trial on charges of possession of marijuana and false identification to law enforcement officers after her preliminary hearing Nov. 2 before Streib. Hart was arrested by Cranberry police Sept. 8 after they helped her gain entry into her car, the keys having been locked inside. Police said an officer observed a bag a marijuana on the driver’s side floor, and Hart twice gave them a false name, court documents state.

Here’s a hint. If you have marijuana or some other illegal thing (i.e. a dead person) in your car and you lock your keys inside. Don’t ask the COPS to help you open said car.

5. Criminals can’t think on their feet:

Penn Hills police investigating a report of a “chop-shop” for stolen cars arrested a Westwood Road man who waived his right to a July 11 preliminary hearing before District Judge Leonard Hromyak on a charge of receiving stolen property. Henry A. Shannon II, 22, was arrested June 5 after police found in his garage a stolen 2002 Dodge Intrepid with the wheels removed and the interior and engine partially dismantled, police said. At the time, police were looking for another stolen 2002 Intrepid at a nearby residence. Shannon told police that a man he knows only as “Dude” had asked him to store the car in his grandmother’s garage, court records state.

The best he could come up with was “dude”? Brilliant. If any situation called for the use of “Maxwell Hauser” this was it.

6. Criminals are greedy:

Judy Lynn Platt, 30, of the North Side, waived a preliminary hearing on Oct. 19 before Opiela on charges of retail theft and conspiracy. Platt and another woman were arrested on Sept. 15 at the Giant Eagle in West View after they allegedly tried to steal $873 in groceries from the store, court documents state.

What does $873 worth of groceries look like? I fill my cart to the rim and then some, and that will cost me about 180 bucks.

7. DUIs are obviously contagious:

David Lee Rogers, 37, of 309 Walnut St., Irwin, charged by borough police after a traffic stop after he was observed by police operating a motorcycle on a sidewalk in the 500 block of 10th Street Extension. Charges filed with Weimer.

Michael Lee Neal, 46, of 630 Walnut St., Irwin, charged by North Huntingdon police after a traffic stop on Route 30 at Carpenter Lane. Charges filed with Weimer.

Jeffrey Lash, 28, of 624 Walnut St., Irwin, by Trafford police after a traffic stop on Sixth Street. Charges filed with Kistler.

Within one week, three guys that live on Walnut St. in Irwin are charged with DUI. I live near there. Walnut Street? Ain’t that long a street.


  1. Henry
    December 21, 2005 3:22 pm

    #5 is classic:
    “You don’t know my name, but I can I stash some hot property in your Nana’s garage?”

    “Sure thing, Dude.”

    “Thats how it went down officer, I swear.”

  2. Henry Shannon II
    July 13, 2006 12:48 am

    Don’t be jealous cuz’ u ain’t make da net. And for the record, I was never arrested.