Benny has permission to call PittGirl

On the surface, I am a Benny fan, but to be perfectly honest, deep deep down in PittGirl’s soul, he kind of bugs me a bit … what with his scruffy appearance, this whole damn thumb (!) thing, his press conferences where he comes off a bit arrogant, etc. But that is just me, because if you read his blog, you will see that 95% of his commenters are females who would bear the large-headed fruit of his loins if he asked.

But I have to admit, that I am starting to suspect that Benny is a decent human being.

Big Ben makes house call

Roethlisberger visited the family of slain state trooper Cpl. Joseph Pokorny for an hour Tuesday night and arranged through the Steelers for them to receive four tickets to their Jan. 1 game against Detroit at Heinz Field.

Regardless of what I think of Benny, that IS pretty cool of him.

So I guess he can call me too. :D

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