Christmas gift etiquette

Can we talk, Burghers?

There is a woman in my office whom I adore. She’s a great person. Very friendly, can be counted on, fun to talk to. Just a good hearted person. There is also my boss. A cool dude. Very generous. Nice guy. Good man.

Each year I hand out my Christmas gifts and place them in the offices of these two individuals, like they do to my office. Each year, I open my gifts and then go and thank them for the gifts and tell them how much I love whatever it is they purchased for me.

Each year, neither of them ever even acknowledges that I gave them something. They will open the gift, come to my office, and start talking work work work. I know they celebrate Christmas, so that can’t be it. I know they like what I gave them (she’s a Starbucks addict, so of course, I gave her a gift card).

So is there some tradition that I don’t know about wherein you are NOT supposed to acknowledge office Christmas gifts?

I am completely confused. I am not looking for praise or anything (tis better to give and all that crap), but I’d just like to know that they did in fact get the gift and maybe a quick, “Hey, thanks PittGirl.”

Nada. Next year they are getting coal … or Penguins tickets. Same difference, right?

Update: I was just in the kitchen with this woman, and we were both in there to nuke our cooled off lattes. She asked me what kind of latte I had purchased. Wouldn’t this conversation have been the PERFECT time for her to say, “By the way, I got the gift card you hung on my office doorknob”? I am at a loss.


  1. blee1
    December 22, 2005 11:11 am

    Maybe she is Jewish?

  2. pittgirl
    December 22, 2005 11:18 am

    She is not. I know this for a fact.

  3. from a jewish person
    December 22, 2005 12:08 pm

    Even if she were jewish, it shouldn’t matter. When people include you, and think of you at the holidays, and give you a gift, you thank them. period.

  4. Mz Manners
    December 27, 2005 7:02 pm

    Here is what you should do. Hand write a thank you note to each your co-workers. Include a P.S. that says something to the effect of, “Please note my correct mailing address. (insert address here.) Every year your thank you note does not reach me so I assume you’ve got the wrong address.”

    Your friend,

    Mz Manners