Have you met “Election Year Rick”?

Remember “Flip-Flop Kerry”?

Have you met “Election Year Rick“?

That would be the name coined by Casey for Sen. Santorum.

Apparently “Election Year Rick” is distancing himself from an organization, The Thomas More Law Center, that he previously supported in their efforts to advance the teaching of Intelligent Design.

Continuing on. Santorum claims that he has become troubled to learn that some members of that organization voted for ID because of their religious beliefs and he is shocked … shocked! I tell you.

Riiiiiiight. I can’t think of any other motivating factor that will affect a person’s view on teaching intelligent design OTHER than their religious beliefs. Not science, not numbers, nothing. You will look at the data through your religious (or non-religious) filter.

So Santorum’s reasoning is quite hilarious.

I remember in biology as we were getting ready to start the evolution lessons, my teacher said, “There are two theories, creationism (which we spent about 20 minutes on), and the other is evolution, which is scientific in nature and that is why we are going to study it.” Bang. Didn’t affect my beliefs or lack thereof. I learned it. Got an A. Don’t remember a stitch of it.

However, my point is this. Rick is totally naive if he thinks anyone is going to believe he didn’t think people would take religious belief into account when deciding on ID.

And once again, a disclaimer that if you think this post has in any way clued you in to my political or religious beliefs, you would be wrong.


  1. Sully
    December 22, 2005 2:01 pm

    Not only that the Senator “from” Penn Hills was the 3rd person quoted in the Time Person of the Year article about Bono…right after George Clooney and Paul Wolfowitz, all while doing his darndest to take down Jeff Habay. When does this man have time to go to church?

  2. Anonymous
    December 22, 2005 5:43 pm

    Santorum the senator from VA? Google his name, thats all you need to know

    Chef Mike

    p.s. if I could vote in PA imost certainly would vote against that a$$hole