PittGirl returns to say that “boys suck!”

That’s right.

PittGirl is going to go ahead and blame boys in general for some crap.

Crap like this.

I get that girls/women can be violent, but let’s be real Burghers. I’m going to guess that about 99% of violent crime is done by the male half of this universe. I’m sure there is a biological explanation for this dating back to the caves where Urf beat the shit out of Nurf for grunting a little too suggestively at Urf’s girl Burf.

You will not read about a street fight full of girls here in the Burgh, where they took to each other with brass knuckles, golf clubs, and bricks. Just won’t happen. In fact, I’m so sure that it won’t happen that I’ll wager that if it DOES happen, PittGirl will post a full photo of her hot self on this blog.

For real. Now, don’t go out trying to instigate just so you can take a gander at PittGirl.

And boys? Cut it out. Fighting, anger and violence are so unattractive. They just suck the hot right out of you.

Okay, I’m done painting with my big broad strokes.

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