Pissy pissy PittGirl.

Welcome to the Sago Mine Rollercoaster. Keep your hands in the cars at all times folks and if you’ve got a heart condition, it is best to just pass this one up.

Last night, before retiring to bed, I hear that they found one body in the mine.

This morning before dashing out my door with my scarf flying, I check the news to discover that 12 are dead and 1 is critical, but that hours earlier, the families had been told that 12 survived. In Starbucks at the William Penn Hotel, I saw the PG’s first edition from this morning with the blazing headline “Miracle at Sago,” which was replaced for the final edition on my desk now screaming “Joy to Horror” complete with a photo of celebrating wives. The Trib still has their happy happy joy joy cover on their home page.

This has been called a “miscommuciation” by the president and CEO of the mine company.

Getting a regular latte when I ordered a skim latte is a miscommunication. Benny throwing over Hines who ran a short route is a miscommunication. Telling people that their missing loved ones are alive and watch them celebrate, only to then tell them later that they are in fact dead is NOT a miscommunication. I don’t know what it is. But it is NOT a miscommunication.

I don’t care that this was unintentional. I sure hope someone goes samurai on the asses of those responsible for this “miscommunication”.


  1. John Lacny
    January 4, 2006 8:49 am

    The story here is much worse than just the “miscommunication.” Read the PG story this morning about Wilbur Ross, the speculator who created the International Coal Group that bought the Sago mine from Anker this past November. This is a guy who specializes in buying out steel and now coal companies, extracting huge concessions from the workers (if they even have a union in the first place!), dumping the pension liabilities on the public, and then selling the resultant company to someone else at a tidy profit. His International Steel Group did this very thing when they bought out LTV, Bethlehem, and Weirton and then sold to Lakshmi Mittal (an Indian company) for $4.5 billion.

    Right now Ross’s International Coal Group is saying that its safety record at Sago was “improving.” This is daft, to say the least. If there were that many outstanding safety violations, the mine should not have been in operation in the first place.

  2. Anonymous
    January 4, 2006 10:47 am

    Who released the bad information? It was apparently someone who overheard a comment about “they got them” and ran off to tell the community that the miners were alive, not the company, which did not make the announcement. This unfounded rumor was made worse when the governor of West Virginia picked it up and ran with it.

    ISG, by the way, is doing quite well with the unions and employing many people in Cleveland, where the steel industry is still going strong.