PittGirl has a new crush.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a political post. Do not start salivating and cracking your knuckles and cleaning your keyboard in preparation to write a 500-word diatribe comment to this post about the general shittiness of republicans or democrats. Feel free however to write a 500-word essay extolling the beauty of PittGirl, and be sure to use words like “stunning” and “magical”. I like those words. On to the post.

If he gets to the election, PittGirl is voting for Lynn Swann for Governor of Pennsylvania.


Unless Lynn Swann introduces ideas along the lines of eating puppies at State dinners, annexing with West Virginia, or increasing state taxes by 600%, he’s got my vote.


1. Lynn Swann rocks. Literally. He was introduced with a Van Halen track yesterday when he announced his candidacy. Cool.
2. Lynn Swann is a generous person. I attended a business luncheon event a few years ago that he spoke at, and he insisted on walking from his hotel to the event and asked that the limo fee be donated to the ballet school.
3. Lynn is accessible! I organized an event that Franco Harris spoke at and we asked Lynn to do a surprise video introduction for us. He did it using an ABC camera crew and shipped us the tape. Franco loved it.
4. Lynn is HOT!

For these reasons, unlike most politicians who in my eyes start with an F-minus and have to work their way up to a voteable grade, Lynn starts with an A+++++, and he just needs to keep being his usual hot self and PittGirl will vote for him.

I mean, hello!?


image: Cwanger/PG

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