David Conrad wants a Burgh girl.

Ladies of the Burgh? Clutch your pearls, fan yourself daintily with your hand, and prepare for the vapors to take over.

David Conrad, PittGirl’s unrequited love/lust/desire/hunkahunkaburnin’love and future friend (it will happen), said this in TV Guide:

Love life: Ladies, he’’s single. Although he recently told TV Guide, ““I just want to marry a girl from my hometown and have kids.””

Do you hear that whirring sound? That would be the sound of many a hometown Burgh woman practicing casting her “marriageable material” fishing rod.

Special thanks to that hottie Libby for the tip.

Also found this picture in the Trib of David playing a local theatre in April (he’s on the left).

Burghers? How is it possible that just about every person I mention in this blog has a friend that will email me; I’ve been ripped off by the PG (hiya, Bill!); emailed by James Van DerBeek’s cousin, Steve-O’s casting agent at Bunim Murray, etc. etc. etc. Yet not one single friend of David Conrad has contacted me yet? What more must I do before my lifelong goal of being invited to a party at David Conrad’s Strip District loft is realized?

Oh! Do you hear that clattering sound? That is the sound of many a Burgh woman Googling “David Conrad, Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA” on Google Maps.


  1. Anonymous
    January 24, 2006 5:45 pm

    Well, a quasi-friend of David Conrad’s is contacting you right now :-)

    I recently had an experience with him at the Marine Corps Marathon (he finished, btw) where he showed up for the race without any running shoes. Some crazy fan had stolen them the night before. I went into high gear dragging David around trying to find running shoes. During my crazed search, where he maintained this zen like composure, I went around asking guys their shoe size in search of a fit. Well, of course every man answered size 12 ;-) but we finally landed at the Brooks tent where I pursuaded a man to give me his running shoes in exchange for wearing David’s. So David got some shoes (I’ll never tell his shoe size) we put some muscle rub on, and were off to the race to raise money for charity. I must say he’s a sweet guy (and he gave the running shoes back), seems ready to have kids (he fell in like with my little girl), but, and here’s a tip, should you ever speak with him (not over email), don’t be too nice or wishy washy as he’ll hang up on you –immediately. Ah, that was an expensive hang up for me, but I’m very thankful for his marathon effort to raise money for charity.

  2. pittgirl
    January 27, 2006 3:14 pm

    Are you saying you called David Conrad and he hung up on you?

    Either way, thanks for commenting and giving me some inside info!