Here we go … I don’t know where, but here we go!

PittGirl is a beautiful ball of nerves, and will be until about halftime on Sunday when I have a better idea of whether Benny wore the right shoes and whether the Steelers are at least within 7 points of the Colts.

Obviously, we are the underdogs.
But the Burgh is in full effect this fine Steeler Friday. I’m sure your cute bank teller is decked out in black and gold this morning, the Terrible Tree has likely turned into an altar with diehard fans praying to it with psalm, and even the cabbies are in the Steeler spirit. Look at this photo PittGirl took just this morning!

See that? The cabbies have their cars all decked out in black and gold! ;)

(Yes, Burghers, I had to put that little winky emoticon there because if I didn’t, I guarantee I would get an email that goes something like this, “Um … PittGirl, you DO know that the Yellow Cab company cars always look like that don’t you?”)

And on another subject entirely, do you see that tall black display box on the sidewalk opposite the cab. The one that has a seal with his mouth open? Yeah, those are the new “Pedestrian Maps” that have begun popping up around the city. I put “Pedestrian Maps” in quotes because despite the fact that it says on the top that this is the “Sixth and William Penn Pedestrian Map” … no map. Nope, just three panels of ads for the zoo, UPMC Nursing, and some other ad I can’t remember.

When I first saw it one day, I decided to see what the map looked like, so I started walking around it to find the map. I went around six times looking in vain for the map or at the very least the secret button that would display the map, before I became dizzy and passed out on the sidewalk. I woke up under the eyeball with a determined pigeon trying to peck out my right eye. ;) (wink, wink!)

So where the hell is the map?!

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  1. bobb0
    January 13, 2006 10:30 am


    I’ve seen those map posts or whatever they are called and have to laugh at them. Why can’t we just look at the signs on the light pole? They clearly say which way streets go.

    But as for the Yellow Cab company…My guess is that years and years ago the people who started the company were Steelers fans (and if not, we can say they were).

    And besides, how many cities have black and gold fire hydrants??