Wexford’s own nutcase/demon-possessed lunatic brings PittGirl back

Okay, before I hop on my flight to the sunny beaches of Cancun, I had to post just one quick thing.

Anyone watch American Idol auditions last night?

Anyone notice the barefoot nutball David Hoover at the end who seemed to have been possessed with the weird dance stylings and demonic gyrations of Alanis Morrisette, the demonic faces of Linda Blair, and the voice of the devil … on crack?

Yeah, he’s from Wexford.

Who knows him? You can see a great photo of his insanity right here. Is he really like that? Just … no way. You can scroll down a bit and watch the video as well. Just be warned. It could like totally give you a seizure.

AND he got picked to go to Hollywood because Paula and Randy wanted to spite Simon. This should be interesting.

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