I’m back, baby!

The Friday morning back from Mexico random thoughts:

1. I have eight newspapers to read. 8!
2. While I was away Cyril was indicted, the Steelers are going to the SuperBowl, they still don’t have maps in the pedestrian map stations, it is still cold here, Mario retired again, the Penguins were put up for sale, Woy returned with posting enmasse over at Grabass, and a quasi friend of David Conrad’s contacted me.
3. Mexico rocked as usual. Lots of stuff is still closed down from the hurricane that hit, but those Mexicans are rebuilding like loco. Of course Coco Bongo was still closed, and La Boom is never reopening … we were told. That sucks. We did get a chance to go into the shuttered Coco Bongo to see the work being done in there. Someone should really tell the Mexicans that breathing in tar fumes in tight spaces will knock years off of your life.
4. I hate flying … like you would not believe… but I do it because life was not meant to be experienced in one location alone (Man…I just… channeled Benny‘s writing…style!).
5. I got a girlie Chivas jersey for super cheap. So if you see a hot girl walking around the Burgh wearing a likely imitation Chivas shirt, jeans and flip flops (in the summer of course), you can bet your Steelers Super Bowl Champions ballcap that it is PittGirl. I am also getting me one of these!
6. Flying out of 85 degrees and into 20 degrees is harsh.
7. Much more posting later.

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