This is a random football post.

As you know, PittGirl was not in the Burgh for the Denver game, but rather spent it at a Steelers party in a Mexican house in Cancun, Mexico, complete with Mexican people, Mexican food, wagering of Mexican pesos, a big Mexican dog, and commercials for the best Mexican bread … Bimbo. No lie.

However, NOTHING compares to watching a Steelers game in Pittsburgh. It is here where I feel safe flipping the hell out, standing on my wing chair and jumping until the springs snap. So all you people watching Steelers games around the country, try to get to the Burgh to watch one. For real.

Now, I know you won’t believe me, but prior to the coin toss, PittGirl called the game to be 34-17 Steelers. I am not making this up and I have witnesses. Obviously, I’ve found my new career as a sports score guesserer-er.

I am going to the rally at the stadium today with my entire family … I’ll be the lame-o dressed in business attire because I didn’t plan to go and don’t have a change of Steeler’s clothes like most dedicated fans keep in a special drawer in their offices.

This twixt city betting on football games is getting out of hand. Even the Opera honchos are in on it.

And finally … tell me this isn’t the MOST pissed off you have ever seen The Chin.

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