No fruit chews? The hell kind of daycare is this?

Here it is. A non-football post. You’re welcome.

A criminologist at CMU has used lots of geniusy methods and numbers and charts and graphs to determine the most physically aggressive group of human beings.

Guess who that is?

The Bi-Polars? The passive-aggressives? The death-rowers? The Mala Noche (gotta watch the Shield)? Steelers fans if the Steelers don’t win the Super Bowl? (DAMN IT! So close.)


It’s the TODDLERS dummy! And no, The Toddlers is not a new brand of cutthroat gangs roaming the streets. Toddlers — as in young children who toddle around and play toys and learn to do poop in the potty.

I only have one thing to say to this.


I have LOTS of experience with toddlers and let me tell you … terrors they are. They will hit when they are mad, hit when they are scared, hit when the fruit chews run out, hit when the air doesn’t feel right, throw toys just for the hell of it, throw heavy objects at others’ cranial regions, scratch, bite, and otherwise maim for no good reason. Draw a line in the sand and they will jump over it as fast and far as they can with a pogo stick and a look of pure glee on their faces. Their general facial expression is the verbal equivalent of “Bring. It. On.”

Dude nailed it on the head.

Scary little buggers.

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