A new — to PittGirl– Steelers Fight Song

This may be old to you, but it was new to PittGirl.

I have no idea how I feel about this.

I have no words. It goes from being spooky, to a bit odd, to weird, to kind of cool, back to weird again and on it goes.

I like how the lady at the beginning is looking like she absolutely loathes her husband for making her do this foolish thing, and then she starts ROCKING the polka!

And you know there will never ever be another song that includes the words “Ken Whisenhunt”

Also? The videography might give you a seizure.


  1. Sherry Pasquarello
    January 31, 2006 1:52 pm

    i loved it! especially the end! my little granddaughter is chinese by birth, but already a fully decked out steeler’s fan!!!!

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