Try again, WQED.

Probably getting lots of complaints because they named some nasty trolls (ok, maybe that’s harsh) as the 25 most beautiful Burghers, WQED’s Pittsburgh Magazine has ALREADY opened up nominations for the the January 2007 edition of the mag.

I think you know what to do. Nominate some attractive people! Physically attractive, my God.

PittGirl will be nominating her usual suspects:

  • Matt “Yowza!” Lamanna of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • David “Hot DAMN!” Conrad of PittGirl’s dreams
  • Wendy “Sonni who?” Bell from WTAE (I’m picturing her profile photo being her in a swimming pool, just coming out of the water, with no makeup on … I swear I’m straight. Wendy just does that to me.)

Get to it, damn it. I expect next year’s edition to take my freakin’ breath away, not make me want to toss my cookies.

It’s time to send a message to WQED and that message is this: You suck. Try again.

Emails should be sent to


  1. Dwight
    February 28, 2006 10:26 am

    Wow. Matt Lamanna is a hottie. I’d help him look for, um… BIG BONES, any day!

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