I don’t know who Peter Warrick is … but I love him.

Some funny Seahawks shit to start your morning off right:

From an article in the Trib about Media Day in Detroit:

Any media type worth his salt knows there’s nothing better than a good revelation to spice things up during Super Bowl week.

There weren’t many to be found, though, in the annual exercise that provides notebook fodder for those who take the game seriously and funny video clips for those who don’t.

Not that it didn’t stop the BET reporter from trying.

“Tell me what position you play and what’s your motivation,” SHE asked Seattle’s Peter Warrick.

“Punt returner,” Warrick replied.

“What’s that? Paint a picture for me.”

Warrick kicked his leg in the air.

“They kick it. I catch it and return it,” he said.

“OK. Hey, you guys know you’re on the VIP list for Friday night, don’t you?”

I only bolded the word SHE because it is very telling and because I’m a female and I can get away with making fun of her for being a female sports reporter who is giving ALL female sports reporters a bad name by asking a punt returner to “paint a picture” of his position. And can there be any position more self explanatory than a “PUNT RETURNER,” lady?


There was still time for a little fun, though, and Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had some when he tried to turn the tables on raspy-voiced comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who squeezed his way to the front of the mob in front of Hasselbeck and started shouting over the din.

“Your teammates said you’re funny. Do you have a joke for us?” Gottfried asked.

“I have a joke for you, Gilbert. There’s three kinds of people in the world: There’s those who know how to count and there’s those who don’t.”

There was silence from the crowd, then some forced chuckles.

“I think I get that,” Gottfried said, turning to leave.

“I just made that up,” Hasselbeck said.

No shit!

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