Nova Chem tried to kill you last night.

Styrene, a possible carcinogen, obviously stinks, as a bunch of people started smelling something nasty coming from Nova Chem last night and started calling it in. Turns out to be this:

About 10,000 pounds of emissions laced with the toxic chemical styrene were released into the air last night from the Nova Chemicals plant in Potter, state environmental officials said today.

But the materials “dissipated rather quickly and did not create a health or environmental concern,” said Helen Humphreys, spokeswoman for the southwestern regional office of the state Department of Environmental Protection.

You know how I just read that? Like this:

“6 kabillion million trillion pounds of a deadly toxic substance stunk up your neighborhood last night, and if you smelled it, you breathed it in, but it won’t hurt you — probably.”


It’s all fun and games until people start sprouting extra heads.

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