ANOTHER piece of PittGirl’s “Benny Bugs” puzzle

Look, I know it is three days before the game. I know you all worship the ground Big Ben walks on and if he sneezed, you would probably volunteer your hand if he didn’t have a tissue. I love Big Ben the FOOTBALL player, but Big Ben the person sometimes bugs me.

I have a love/hate relationship with this boy that I myself will never figure out. Hate the hair. Love the visit to the slain officer’s family. Hate the WWE. Love the car. Hate the blog. Love The Tackle. Hate the beard. Love the height. Hate the thumb. Love the arm. And on it goes.

So today, Benny bugged me. Here’s why.

I get that Benny is probably taking pictures to preserve his first (of several) Super Bowls for posterity and probably for his blog, but something about Ben walking around interjecting himself into every single one of his teammates’ interviews seems very odd and spotlight grabbing to me. Maybe he needs attention. Maybe he’s just dorky like that. Maybe he’s going to write a book and needs pictures. Maybe he’s going to Photoshop their heads onto different bodies so that he can say he has naked pictures of Troy Polamalu on his blog (and right about now is where Googlers Googling “Troy Polamalu naked” are landing here). Who knows. But the video bugged me.

Also? There is no way in hell a player can get through a week of that much insanity, as seen in the video, and still stay grounded. God help them stay grounded.


  1. Sherry Pasquarello
    February 2, 2006 1:04 pm

    i like his hair, not crazy about the beard and good luck to him restoring the car, we’ve been there/done that. lots of work and frustration before it’s done (and i swear, they are NEVER done)

  2. Jo Janoski
    February 2, 2006 4:15 pm

    I feel the same way about them staying grounded. I’m glad I found someone else who feels the same way. Such insanity all around them. I’m with you–Stay grounded guys!

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