Timmy? Is that YOU?

Warning: This has nothing to do with the Burgh.

I came across this article about a six-year-old that was suspended for sexual harassment when he was accused of putting two fingers in the waistband of his classmate. (I bet those aren’t the words you were afraid were going to pop up after “putting two fingers in.” Right?)

Yes, you read that right and if you need to get it to REALLY sink in, read it again or go read this article.

When PittGirl was in first grade, there was a boy Timmy that used to chase us cutie pie girls around and try to kiss us and occasionally flip up our skirts. Because that is what Timmy was like … an outrageous six-year-old flirt. I distinctly remember jumping over a desk to avoid his approaching pucker and I remember my friend Marsha leveling him with a smack when he almost succeeded (Thanks, Marsha!). So Timmy chased and us girls giggled and ran and we all grew up and that was that.

Now had that happened in 2006, PittGirl would have been given mandatory sexual harassment victim counseling, Marsha would have been placed in a special school for violent children, and Timmy would be the first six-year-old to show up on the sexual offender database.

Draw your own conclusions, but my conclusion is this: Oy!

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  1. Sherry Pasquarello
    February 9, 2006 2:15 pm

    ah , i shake my head and wonder if it’s something in the air!!!!