Working for the city must suck.

Some city employees and in the future ALMOST ALL city employees will have their Internet usage quota-ed (if it’s not a word it should be) to 30 minutes per day.


That is a really dumb idea.

  1. Sometimes doing legit work-related research can take me three hours and I do NOT have a research-based job.
  2. Morale? Dead. Nothing makes a person want to leave a job like feeling every second of their day is monitored.
  3. I doubt it is the everyday employees that are responsible for Pittsburgh’s fiscal crisis, but rather the government’s wasteful spending. Internet? NOT wasteful spending. Shit loads of framed photos, romance novels, and custom lapel pins? WASTEFUL!
  4. They should just track employee Internet usage like everyone else, discreetly. Then if Bobby in Accounting is surfing for six hours a day, you go have a chat with him. Block out blogs, porn, etc., but don’t place a ludicrous time limit on regular hard working folks who might occasionally want to check in on the TV Guide watercooler.
  5. Luke Ravenstahl? Ain’t having any of it. That’s ’cause he’s 25 and he knows it will royally piss his staff off, just like it would piss him off.
  6. Some folks can APPLY for more time. APPLY? I imagine that will look something like this:
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