It’s a sad, sad day in the Burgh …

The latest KDKA poll:

That sucks.

You could do what a female boss … wait a bat-shit crazy former boss of mine did … send yourself TWO bouquets of flowers each supposedly from different men, and then have the bill sent to your OFFICE address where your office staff will open the bill and realize that your sorry-assed self sent yourself $150.00 worth of flowers on Valentine’s day.

eHow has some great … and by “great” I mean “ludicrous” tips:

If you decide to take yourself out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, bring a book or journal to keep yourself occupied; this will make it obvious to restaurant staff and patrons that you planned to eat alone, and haven’t been stood up by a date.

If you plan to take yourself out tonight for a nice romantic dinner and you bring a journal along in which you plan to write your deepest, most private thoughts, please write the following in large letters with a Sharpie … “I look like a complete loser and I don’t deserve love.”

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