Newlin Archinal is CONCERNED!

When I read that Duce Staley lost over $100 grand of bling (WPXI‘s choice of words) during a scuffle (AP’s word) outside of a strip joint in South Carolina, a few things entered my head.

1. Firstly, the image I had of the kind of Gentlemen’s Club at which one would wear $100k worth of jewelry would likely be a posh establishment that caters to wealthy men. I did NOT picture it to look like this klassy piece o’ junk:

2. I decided to watch the video that WPXI was pimping and you really need to watch it too for one simple reason: I’m pretty sure that Newlin Archinal is going a bit overboard with her concerned look. I half expected her to burst into tears. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. That initial look on her face is to die for. The only thing I can figure is that Newlin and Duce are dating and she just at that moment learned that he was at a Strip Club when he told her that he would be painting churches (tm John Heffron).

Go here and click on “Vince Sims’ Live Report. ”

Also? Notice how they sent Vince Sims off location with a camera crew to basically stand in front of some trees to cover a story that happened in South Carolina. God. I love it. At least WTAE sent Sheldon to the Steeler’s offices.

And while we’re at it, why not just take a gander at WTAE’s video on this same subject. Jeff Reed’s hair is ludicrous, but not as ludicrous as WTAE referring to “Duce’s Ice.”

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