PittGirl would be an AWESOME ghost.

First this, then this, and now this and this.

So help me Burghers, if I die in a downtown shooting as I walk my hot self to my bus one day, I will be the pissiest, most vengeful ghost that ever haunted the Burgh. I’m talking a cloud of doom hanging over this city, I would be.

So watch it, all you assholes with guns out there. Just. Watch it.


  1. uh1b
    February 23, 2006 7:57 pm

    I have said before and I shall say again we need to teach them HOW to shoot and AIM. If they would hit what they are shooting at, more people would be more safe. Less, (in the long run would be shooting), and all us “let’s go to work and get the job done and go home people” would would be happy getting our pizza. Why do they use semi-auto, (do they really have auto), cause they can’t hit nothing with one shot. They need pratice, training, and firearm knowledge. Names that don’t give away the race would help for some people’s feelings too.