Whiskey for my men, and diapers for my horses.

Do you hear that wheezing, gasping sound? That is the sound of a still ill PittGirl cracking the hell up at this article in the PG.

The parts that are cracking my shit up:

1. Ha!

dropped consideration of an ordinance requiring operators of horse-drawn carriages to affix “containment devices” to the business ends of horses as they clip-clop through the newly beautified downtown streets

2. Ha ha!

“The owner, operator or driver of horse-drawn carriages operating in the area bound by Marian Street, Sample Street, Caroline Street and Lloyd Street shall be required to attach a containment device to the rear of each and every horse so fitted, to be maintained and emptied so that manure is completely contained therein, cannot and does not fall to any gutter, street, driveway, alley, curb or sidewalk in the borough, and is not exposed and is carried away for proper disposal.”

3. Bwah-hahaha!

“If somebody doesn’t want to apply one of these devices to their horse, I don’t know how you go about forcing them to,” said Mr. Penatzer.

“It’s horses — they’ve been doing that in the streets since long before we were here.”

According to Mr. Penatzer, one council member made the point that “we’ve all got our own methods of transportation, and they come with their own emissions problems. Is the horses’ emission worse than an automobile’s?”

If you’ve got the burning desire to see what a horse “containment device” looks like…here ya go.

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  1. Anonymous
    March 9, 2006 1:47 pm

    Ya gotta be shittin me!

    Chef mike