Bobby O. Downtown. Kids. Thoughts.

Dang. Okay, unless he cures cancer, this is my last Bobby O post in a while.

Apparently Bobby had an “impromptu” walking tour of Downtown during the hour when the kids are milling about enmasse after school in groups large enough to be mistaken for field trips.

“It’s so easy to get guns nowadays,” Ms. Collins said.

The mayor asked if she would give him a phone number of somewhere illegal guns are being sold. She said she was talking about legal guns, which she said are easy to purchase.

The mayor invited a reporter to join him in a stroll around the area, quizzing young people at random about where they went to school, what they were doing Downtown, and what they thought should be done to eliminate conflicts in the area.

“Bob O’Connor didn’t happen to be here,” one girl yelled, out of the mayor’s earshot. “He’s just trying to get publicity.” She added a fierce obscenity for good measure.

Heh. That girl is like one part crass- crude- everything that is wrong with youth today, and one part probably right.

And on the subject of the teens lingering downtown. I’ve totally noticed it of late. I don’t have a problem with it as long as they stay calm and mind their own crap. A few months ago, a huge group on Liberty suddenly split into six little groups and were sprinting every which way as fast as they could up the street, then some turned around and sprinted the other way, looking over their shoulders. I expected shots to ring out and for no reason other than I didn’t know what the hell was going on … it scared me a little bit.

Random Bobby O, kids, downtown post: Over.

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