Will there be a nuclear bomb on Wednesday? The Trib thinks so!

Let’s talk about the Trib weather grid and let’s talk specifically about how I do NOT understand how they decide what pictures to put up.

  • Tuesday, which is today, is supposed to be flurries. So you can see they illustrate this by putting several tiny little snowflakes in a cloudless blue sky.
  • Wednesday it is going to be partly sunny with flurries, but on this day, flurries equals two HUGE GIANT snowflakes and a weird post-nuclear bomb radioactive green glow in a two 1/2-cloud sky.
  • Thursday is going to be mostly cloudy, so that is two clouds in a blue sky and no green glow.
  • Friday, same deal.
  • But then on Saturday, only intermittent clouds, which I take to mean mostly sunny, yet where the hell is the post-nuclear bomb radioactive green glow of the Burgh sun?

Why does only Wednesday get graced with the green glow? Consistency, Trib. If you want to use such a cool and awesome weather graphic, let’s be CONSISTENT about it.


  1. ~mandakay
    March 16, 2006 10:04 am

    you’ll be excited to know that on saturday’s forcast is calling for a partly radioactive sky with a chance for three snowflakes. hmmm?

  2. Uncle Crappy
    March 20, 2006 10:38 pm

    Umm … Maybe Dick Scaife thinks we should nuke Gateway and Fifth Avenue Place?