The defiling of the Penguins.

Hey look! Some thief in Miami found a use for a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey! I mean, it’s not like too many people are wearing them proudly these days right?

That’s what happened when a thief wearing baggy black pants walked into 441 Puppies and Grooming in Hollywood last week. He swiped a 10-month-old male apricot-colored puggle with a black mask from its bin, stuck it underneath his black Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, shoved the pup down his pants, then nonchalantly strolled out the door.

Now, which is worse? Being shoved under a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey and getting rubbed with loser, or being shoved down a dude’s pants and getting rubbed with … well I’ll just end that sentence right there.

And how the hell do you “nonchalantly stroll” with a puppy in your pants? Stupid puppy should have just bit the guy in the … well, I’ll just end that sentence right there.

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