Government waste? You suck.

Somebody over at PennDot and/or the Fed really really really sucks at math … or at being honest … or at running a transportation department.

Know how they are “renaming” the Parkway West to erase the confusion of trying to give someone directions to the airport from the city and telling them that the three numbers I’m going to give you are all actually the same exact stinking road? Or you can do what I do, say, “Get on 376 and follow the signs for the airport. Big huge airporty job on the right. Can’t miss it.”

Right. Well when that story first broke, I was seriously confused because they estimated it would cost $200 million to rename it. Damn! That’s a lot of change to rename a road to become an Interstate and all fixings that come with it (signage, entrace and exit ramps, etc.)

Then they brought that figure down to $90 million saying they found some ways to cut costs. I’ll say!!

So today, they issued a statement that after discovering more affordable ways to do things it will actually cost about $45 million and some of that is already in the budget to be done, bringing what was originally a bloated government (redundant) estimate of $200 million down to only $32 million.

Math anyone? That is $168 million dollars they shaved off somehow.

I’m guessing they must have planned to pave the ramps with gold and use diamonds as reflectors on the street signs.

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