What Bobby said this week…

Bob O’Connor may be the single best fodder for Burgh blog writers since the Great Flood of Ought Five.

In honor of that, I’m going to start a Friday posting tradition wherein I will post the awesome things Bobby said during the week. Then we’ll take a look at what Sloganizer has to say about Bobby’s performance during the week.

Let’s see what Bobby said this week.

“There’s a presumed sniper. He’s been spotted and our SWAT teams are investigating the different buildings. We have the area roped off and, hopefully, if he’s here, we catch him.”

And the firstest slogan via Sloganizer:

I don’t know, Sloganizer, but if I had to guess, he’s probably somewhere trying to wiggle out of his bullet-proof vest.


  1. ~mandakay
    March 24, 2006 10:12 am

    wow, sloganizer is the coolest website since gazoogle!

  2. pittgirl
    March 24, 2006 1:23 pm

    And totally addictive.