Random laziness.

1. Yesterday on the RR/RW Gauntlet II, Susie was part of the winning team that banked $240,000 between nine players. She said upon winning, “I’m just a girl from Pittsburgh …” And them BAM!, the whole world is Googling “Susie from Road Rules” and other such things as they relate to her and Timmy … also from Pittsburgh.

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To answer your questions, people of the world:

  • Yes, Susie and Timmy were engaged at one point.
  • Timmy’s last name is Beggy.
  • Yes, Susie is married.
  • No, Timmy does not appear to be married.
  • Yes, Susie lives in the Burgh. Woy tells us that she works at Fox and Hound at Northway Mall in the North Hills.
  • And yes, yesterday was by far the most anticlimatic finale. Ever.

2. Yesterday, on a whole, was the boringest Burghy news day in a long time. I pretty much fell asleep reading the PG and woke up with newspaper print on my cute little forehead.

3. Yesterday on the way home, I set next to a middle-aged dude on the bus. He seemed to have ADD, an addiction to speed, and a case of cooties and ants in his pants all at the same time. He couldn’t sit still and kept very very plainly adjusting his crotch. They only men I want to ever see adjusting their crotches are hot, fit professional athletes. Not businessmen doing it quasi-masturbatorily on the bus while sitting next to me. I now feel 20% more gross than I did before I even started this post. Erg. I’m so glad I’m not a guy.

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  1. jl
    March 28, 2006 11:19 am

    I saw my old poli sci prof from Pitt (who she married) the other day in Shadyside, which means that the dog-admiring blonde walking with him was most likely Susie. How’s that for a quasi-sighting of a quasi-celebrity?