James Ecker does Rodney Dangerfield!

Do you know James Ecker? He’s the white-haired defense attorney that all the sleazebags hire when they are guilty as Barry Bonds. That’s right. I went there.

He’s defending or has defended the following:

Jimmy is also defending Thomas Hose who kidnapped Tanya Kach from McKeesport. Mr. Hose, as the PG likes to call him, is currently out on bond and is on house arrest with a Martha Stewart limited edition (wink) ankle monitor.

Attorney Ecker said this to the PG:

“He was here for about three hours yesterday. I just finished talking to him on the phone. He’s apprehensive,” said Mr. Hose’s attorney, James Ecker. “He’s doing the best he can. He’s like a prisoner in his own home.”

Um …. ? Why am I waiting for the rimshot here?

Isn’t the point of house arrest to in fact, MAKE YOU A PRISONER IN YOUR OWN HOME?

Read that again, but in the manner of Rodney Dangerfield:

“I was on house arrest and boy was I depressed. My best friend Jimmy comes over and says, “Why you so down man?” and I said, “Because I feel like a prisoner in my own home!” (RIMSHOT!)

James Ecker is a genius. A comedy genius.


  1. Sherry Pasquarello
    April 7, 2006 9:11 am

    oh god, that’s funny!

  2. Anonymous
    April 7, 2006 11:48 am

    Duh, he feels like a prisoner in his own home??? And what do you think Tanya felt like for the last 10 years!!!!!!!!

  3. pittgirl
    April 7, 2006 11:54 am

    Oh, even more hilarious, anon! Duh, indeed.

  4. Anonymous
    April 7, 2006 12:38 pm

    Ecker has more liver spots than a Shriner’s convention.


  5. pittgirl
    April 7, 2006 1:04 pm

    He is quite the looker. Do I smell a 25 Hottest Burgher nod in his future?