The PG hates Bruce Gradkowski.

Bruce, as you recall, is the most recent Smokin’ Hot Burgher. See evidence of his smokin’ hotness here.

The PG has begun a blog of sorts for Bruce in which Bruce is reportedly to tell a PG staffer what is going on from week to week leading up to the draft. The header says:

Gradkowski will provide a weekly update, as told to the Post-Gazette’s Ray Fittipaldo, as he works toward his goal.

I would assume that means Bruce’s writing would be edited to be at least one bit readable and not to make Bruce look like he has the reading/writing capabilities of a 4th grader.

Some lucious lines:

I’m not really a TV guy. I’m not really into a lot of shows. I just forget when they’re on. But I like the mafia stuff and movies. After that I went home and went and hung out.

And, of course, some of the guys were asking me ‘Where do I think I’ll get drafted?’

We went home and had dinner. My mom made meatloaf. After that me and my Nunny watched “Deal or No Deal.”

Then Gino called me. He needed money to go out and eat.

He’s going back to Atlanta, where his family is now on Monday.

And my absolute fave:

We were watching a movie on Lifetime.

PG? Edit that shit! Man alive. He sounds like he’s six.

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