PNC should take a lesson from Citizens.

This post will strike many of you as the boringest, stupidest post PittGirl ever did post.

Those of you that are marketing/logo/branding types like me will go “Word! PittGirl.”

But it’s been bugging me forever so here goes:

If you visit the PNC Bank ATM machine on the corner of Forbes and Grant you will notice the logo on the top of the ATM looks like this:
The logos on the signs on the ATM look like this:
And the logo on the actual building housing the ATM looks like this:What the hell, PNC? You changed from your old logo about ten years ago, yet most buildings still have it on it. And then you went and mysteriously separated the N and the K on the new logo thereby creating your NEWEST logo, so now you’ve got three logos all over this city. Didn’t anyone in your marketing department take Marketing 101? If you’re going to change your logo, make sure you budget in changing all of your signs too, ‘kay?

Take Citizens for example. I bet you didn’t realize that Citizens Bank changed their logo recently from this:
To this:
You will be hard pressed to find a single instance of the old logo on a Citizens building, sign, or ATM. Citizens marketing people know what they are doing.

Stupid post over. Better ones later.


  1. Grey Hodge
    April 12, 2006 11:06 am

    Hon, USAirways changed from USAir back in 1996, and they STILL have planes with the old 70’s-esque “USAIR” livery on them. Yes, PLANES. Things that should have been repainted by now because they go (hopefully) into maintenence more often than every ten+ years.

    As for Citizens, I use them, they actually have their acts together. That’s the RBS logo, as they are owned by RBS. Even tiny branches out in the sticks changed their logos/signs last year, all pretty fast. I think PNC doesn’t have the money to fix their signage yet. They’re still waiting for a return on the investment of the “PNC Park” naming rights. At the rate the Bucs win games, that should be the seventh of Never.

  2. pmfh
    April 12, 2006 8:33 pm

    Speaking as one married to a graphic designer, I can assure you that no, you’re not the only one to notice such things.

    However, you are one the few few to talk about it outside your head… *grin*

  3. pittgirl
    April 13, 2006 8:36 am

    Well, if all the awesome stuff inside my head STAYED inside my head, we would have a very boring blog wouldn’t we? :)

    Glad to know I’m not alone.