Site Note


If you happen to send me an email and I do not respond to you within three or four days, I did not get your email.

I am not ignoring your fine self.

If I don’t respond, try again.

For some reason I don’t get some messages (no they aren’t being dumped into my junk mail; I checked) as evidenced by some people writing me saying, “Didn’t you get my last email?”

Just don’t want you all thinking I am ignoring you if you write to me.




  1. Beth
    April 18, 2006 5:54 am

    Hey I’m a Burgher currently living in London. I’ve been reading some of the archives and came across the scientology posts. Have to say I 100% agree with you. Point of this post- I actually came across something they call a ‘scientology reading room’ on one of the main roads in central London… scary, dude, just plain scary.

    Love the site- makes me feel a little closer to home :)

  2. pittgirl
    April 18, 2006 10:50 am

    “Scientology reading room”? Damn. I read an awesome article by a Rolling Stone Magazine author where she went to a street Scientology office and they asked her to pay $5,000 after just one hour, in order to get to the next “level”. Sham.

    Thanks for reading all the way across the pond. :)