Annoying Burgher of the Week: Whoa! Edition


That’s pretty much the only thought I can gather in my pretty little brain (I assume my actual brain is as hot as I am) at this story of a local teacher describing what an abortion is to her fourth-grade class … in detail.

McGuire was explaining the voting process April 5 when the subject turned to abortion, Stienstraw said.

McGuire told her 9- and 10-year-old students that, during an abortion, a needle is injected into a woman’s belly, and the fetus is sucked out and killed, Stienstraw said.

She then told students to put their heads on their desks, close their eyes and vote on whether they would have an abortion or put a baby up for adoption.


There are some things I would not want being described in detail to my nine-year-old child by a teacher:
1. The actual process of an abortion.
2. scientology.

I’m sure there are others, but those are the two that are popping in my head now.

So, the newest Annoying Burgher of the Week would be one Katharine McGuire of Hills-Hendersonville Elementary School in Canonsburg, not for her views on abortion, because this is the USA and you can choose to believe anything you want. I choose to believe that the tax code will be abolished by next April 15.

However, Ms. McGuire, you don’t turn your classroom into an anti-abortion workshop by graphically describing an abortion to a group of nine-year-olds who are in your presence to learn about the freaking voting process.

Did I say “WHOA”?


Your crown is in the mail. Wear it proud.

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  1. Paperback Writer
    April 19, 2006 1:48 pm

    Holy shit Batman!