Dear KDKA,

Thanks so much for your recent obsession with Big Ben’s trip to his native Switzerland. I have really enjoyed looking at all the pictures in your media slide show and then internally snarking on just about all of them.

If you didn’t know, Benny brings out the snark in me. Bad.

However, why are you going to put a picture as odd as this one and then not caption the damn thing?!

What am I looking at here?

  • I see yellow tape. Is this a crime scene?
  • But people are smiling, so this can’t be a crime scene.
  • Is that guy about to stone someone?
  • I know this can’t be like a “Strongest Man” competition, because I’m pretty sure if I used my legs and kept my back straight, I could pick up that rock too. If it IS a “Strongest Man” competition, then the Swiss are a bunch of wimps. Can’t you people pull trains with your teeth like we do?
  • What is the mat on the floor for? Is that man about to sprint with that rock?
  • Is that a rock?

And then you have this picture.

  • That looks like an egg. What is going on here? I’m so confused.
  • Who is that in the background wearing a Steeler’s sweatshirt, and kind of resembling Ben Roethlisberger?
  • Does Benny have a brother? A hotter, younger, less frumpy brother?

Caption that shit! Damn.



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