Thanks, PG.

And by “Thanks, PG” I mean, “Screw you, PG.”

What possible reason could the PG have for placing this picture so glaringly on their home page?

I mean, when I clicked on my PG bookmark and saw this oddly blue sky, I was a little blinded at first. Look how blue that sky is. Where is that? Can I go there right now? Then I figure, well, that must be a Burgher vacationing in sunny Florida, right? Wrong.

So why put this picture of non Burghers enjoying the sun in Florida on a Pittsburgh website, if for no other reason than to drive home the sad point that this has been quite a shitty week of weather and that the next time we see a sky that blue and cloudless, we’ll probably all instantly burn to a crisp because our skin has become so sun-sensitive due to lack of exposure.

And yes, come late August early September when I am complaining about how damn hot it is and that I can’t wait for a cool day, you can go ahead and refer me to this very post of mine.

In the meantime, screw you, PG.

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  1. Awesome Comet
    May 20, 2006 9:43 pm

    Whattaya talk? Both Thursday and Friday had long stretches in the afternoon when it was not only nice and sunny, but dewily refreshing from earlier showers. And this afternoon, when I was trimming hedges, it was downright summery. Of course, I’ve been picking wild mushrooms from Schenley Park and wrapping them in my morning omelet.