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Date him? Or brand him for life?

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By now you’ve likely heard the news … now the NATIONAL news, that local attorney Todd Hollis is suing because of postings there that state he is a cheater, sexually diseased, and other fun “alleged” allegations.

My first response was, hey, karma is a boomerang and if you cheat you get what you deserve. If I am cheated on, you can bet a big part of me would want to seek revenge too.

On the other hand,  I’m thinking maybe he’s got a point. I mean, maybe he did cheat, maybe he does have an STD, and maybe he needs to grow up, but he still after all is an attorney trying to make a living, and one who once gave his kidney to his mother, and managed to finish the IronMan.

Not that there aren’t miserable lowlifes out there (and Todd may be one of them) that need to be karma-ed, but should they be branded as diseased cheaters for life in a public, searchable forum that does no fact checking? I vote no. Leave it for the coffee talk.

He is NOT going to win his case against the website, but he might win a case against the women that posted it.

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It bugged PittGirl

Some things that bugged me this morning:

  • The 50 people (I may be exaggerating by about 47) this morning that had their cell phone ringers set to that annoying, old fashioned rotary phone bring-bring-bring bell.  I don’t know why it bugs me, but it bugs me.  While I was waiting in line for my coffee this morning, the dude that was standing behind me’s phone went off in the super loud bring-bring ring and i nearly jumped, because I thought it was a fire alarm.  Of course more hilarious than annoying was the dude on the bus whose phone rings with “All out of Love” by Air Supply.  Now THAT is being true to who you are. Awesome.
  • The girls downtown that carry their lunches to work in dainty pink Victoria’s Secret shopping bags.  We get it.  You are possibly wearing something underneath your clothes that you bought at Victoria’s Secret.  How come no one carries their lunch to work in a Kaufmann’s bag?  Although I must admit that occasionally I throw a sandwich into a Target bag.  Target rocks.
  • The first gorgeous, no threat of rain day (Demetrius, if it rains today you are SO the next Annoying Burgher, my man), and we are all stuck at work.  Boo.

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The furries will be back

By now you know what I mean when I say “Furries” don’t you? You don’t think of furry handcuffs, or cute widdle bunny wabbits, or Dom Costa’s hilarious hair … you know I’m talking about those nutjobs at the Anthrocon 2006 here in the Burgh.

Comet now tips me that the Westin has inked the Anthrocon to be held here in the Burgh for the (gulp) next ten years.

While I can’t confirm the “ten years” part, they totally are coming back to the Burgh next year and they already have registration open on their website.

No doubt about it: We took the city of Pittsburgh by storm! It seemed that everyone was talking about us, from the restaurateurs downtown to the cab drivers going to and from the airport. Every city paper and nearly every major news station covered the event, and though they thought that our outward appearance was rather unusual, they generally treated us with respect. Everyone associated with the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the Westin Hotel, the Omni William Penn, and the Pittsburgh Convention and Visitor’s Bureau went all-out to make us feel welcome and to make sure everything ran smoothly for us.

Planning for next year is already in the works. Mark your calendars for July 5-8, right back in the same spot.

They also claim that 2,500 people attended the Anthrocon. Damn!

For as creeped out as these people make me, they have GOT to all be scientologists. Only makes sense. And tell me this picture, taken in the Burgh, doesn’t make you want your mommy.

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Random sports crap

Mike Lange fired?!?!?!?

We have looked at Steigerwald for some time and believe he brings a different and fresh set of eyes to a new team.

Yeah, there totally has to be more to this story than, “We needed fresh eyes.”

That doesn’t make any damn sense. Well known sports announcers do not come and go; they stick around until they die or retire.

They fired the man that coined “Scratch my back with a hacksaw”?!!?? How can this be? This may be a bit hyperbolic, but I think this is like firing Myron Cope.


This is so damn pathetic. Watch this video and look at how excited these fans are over one lousy win in 13 tries.

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Can you imagine if we do something insane like win 10 in a row?  Fans would just drop dead from strokes.

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Reason #748,239 why PittGirl reads the paper every day

Awesome lines like this, about Brookline of all places:

Dead rabbits had been seen hanging outside to drain their blood. Mr. Weyand, his wife and five children had been observed chasing and killing screaming chickens.

Not that the slaughter of screaming chickens is funny, but my God READING about children chasing and killing screaming chickens sure as hell is.

There are crazy people in this city, folks.  Nuts.

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