I missed the Crazy Naked Lady!

Did April Fools Day move to June 1? Are we on Candid Camera? Are we being Punk’d? Did this really happen and PittGirl missed it?!?!?!

A woman stripped naked and sprinted into Downtown traffic Thursday morning, police said.

This happened at 8:00 a.m. yesterday morning around the Smithfield News and the Blvd. of the Allies. People! I was driving in this area at 8:00 a.m. yesterday. Why did I miss the most awesome thing to happen in the Burgh since the Pigeon sniper?

Without reading the article, please pick out the one thing on this list that the crazy naked lady did NOT do:

  1. Spit on pedestrians.
  2. Place her bare breasts against the window of a flower shop.
  3. Wave a hubcap around.
  4. Steal some peanuts.

Can you imagine sitting in traffic downtown, trying to find a parking space, when suddenly a crazy naked lady leaps in front of your car waving a hubcap and a pilfered bag of peanuts? That is when you say, “This day is going to be an AWESOME day.”

Well, the naked PETA girls are really going to have to get naked if they want to top crazy naked lady. And don’t you think she should become a regular feature of the Burgh, like NYC’s Naked Cowboy? She could be a tourist attraction: Pittsburgh’s Crazy Naked Lady.

Let’s be real here: Some motorist got a camera-phone shot of Crazy Naked Lady. Had to.