PETA listens to PittGirl

It looks like PittGirl’s advice has been taken by the PETA people … kind of.

You remember I wrote this in my entry about Crazy Naked Lady (all you people finding my blog by Googling “naked lady pittsburgh hubcap photo”, if you do find a photo, please share.):

Well, the naked PETA girls are really going to have to get naked if they want to top crazy naked lady.

I wrote that on Friday, and wouldn’t you know it, the naked PETA people are in Market Square this very day, except instead of being fully naked as I instructed them to be, they wrapped themselves in clear plastic wrap.

Sissies. Nobody is going to take notice until you get completely naked. Listen to PittGirl.

Also, seeing as I seem to have very persuasive powers of suggestion, I’m going to throw it out into the universe that Matt Lamanna, David Conrad, and for the hits it will generate alone, Sonni Abatta, should appear sans clothing in Market Square tomorrow afternoon. It will do wonders for your careers. Trust PittGirl.

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  1. Awesome Comet
    June 5, 2006 3:05 pm

    Mmmmm … naked vegans. Alert me when, say, the Pittsburgh Passion rages against the machine or something.